Our security experts perform real–world attack simulations to test defences and uncover actual risk from the perspective of a motivated attacker.

Advanced Security Operations Centres

Partner with us to develop, build, and enhance security operations into a world-class practice by unifying people, process, and technology to better prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to security vulnerabilities, threats, and incidents.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

To address the complex digital risks today, your organization must establish business context and policies for IT and security and manage IT risks, vulnerabilities, and security incidents.

CIA will create a program to help your security team to be more proficient at threat detection and increase readiness to respond to security incidents with an efficient and coordinated response.

Endpoint Threat Protection

CIA's technology partners provide endpoint detection and response tool that employ a combination of live memory analysis, continuous behavioral monitoring, and advanced machine learning to detect new and hidden threats (including ransomware) that other solutions miss entirely.

Identity and Access Management

CIA and its technology partners provide world-leading two-factor authentication, protecting 25,000 organizations and 55 million users. The technology extends security to bring your own device (BYOD), cloud, and mobile as well as traditional virtual private network (VPN) and web portals.