29 May

Botswana launches cyber security strategy

Botswana launches cyber security strategy

Honourable Tshenolo Mabeo, Minister of Transport and Communications of Botswana, has officially launched the country’s project to develop a cybersecurity strategy for the country. The Honourable Minister made the announcement during the opening day of the Commonwealth Cybersecurity Forum 2015 taking place on 22 – 24 April 2015 in London, United Kingdom.

Botswana welcomes and appreciate offer by the United Kingdom government through the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation to assist with the development of the national Cybersecurity Strategy

The Honourable Tshenolo Arithur Mabeo, Minister of Transport and Communications, Republic of Botswana,-

The launch ceremony took place in the presence of delegates from 26 countries attending the London event where challenges and solutions to cybersecurity within its wider legal, social and economic context are discussed.

Speaking on the timing of the project, Honourable Mabeo said that the opportunity comes “at the right time for the country” since Botswana “is in the process of commencing the Electronic and Transactions Act and the Electronic Evidence Act in order to facilitate e-commerce”.

Source: http://www.cto.int/news/botswana-launches-national-cybersecurity-strategy-project-at-commonwealth-cybersecurity-forum-2015/

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